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The Business Case

Easy eLaw has created the legal industry’s first will drafting software that integrates all the latest technology to significantly improve your law firm’s efficiency. We have harnessed artificial intelligence to handle the client intake, initial meeting, document drafting, meeting coordination, delivery of documents and payment processing. After the initial onboarding, all you need to do is review the draft documents, approve them, and meet with the client via video to sign the documents digitally.

With our cutting-edge software in your pocket, we guarantee it will improve your firm’s efficiency by at least 50%.

Intellestate is in the final stages of development and will be available soon for lawyers across Saskatchewan. Visit us on April 9th at TCU Place in Saskatoon for the CBA Sask Tech Conference to view demonstrations of Intellestate’s capabilities!

Simplicity is Key

When you use Intellestate, automation does all the heavy lifting. The Wills Act amendments coming into effect in the near future will require that a digitally signed will must be witnessed by a lawyer, and Law Society Rules require that you supervise the work. Other than that, our bespoke and powerful AI software manages every other stage of the process for you and your clients! Here is just a little bit of what Intellestate will do for you:

  1. Information Gathering

    Your client will open your firm-branded link and begin a dialog with our AI chatbot. Not only does Intellestate gather the appropriate information, it can answer most of your client’s questions in real time. You will no longer have to explain to your client the difference between an executor and a beneficiary! Importantly, the AI does not provide legal advice – only legal information.

  2. Document Drafting

    Once all the relevant information is exchanged between your client and our chatbot, it will draft the Will and/or Power of Attorney. After the documents are drafted, they are forwarded to you and your legal team along with the transcript for review.

  3. Review and Approval

    Once your legal team reviews and approves the documents, it’s just one button click to initiate the AI to set up a three-way video meeting between you, your legal assistant and your client. Need to make changes? That’s quick and easy to do with Intellestate.

  4. Signing Meeting

    Once the documents are approved for signing, Intellestate’s AI will connect to your calendar and your legal assistant’s calendar before offering available meeting times to your client. Intellestate sends everyone a link to the meeting and uses our secure videoconferencing tools to ensure compliance with the legislation and Law Society rules related to video signings and digital signatures.

  5. Payment and Document Distribution

    Once the documents are signed by the relevant parties, Intellestate will send your law firm a fully executed copy. Your client will be sent an invoice and link to pay for services rendered. Only after they’ve paid your legal fees, Intellestate will send them their fully executed copy of the documents.

Law Firm Pricing

Join our pilot program and your law firm will receive a special rate of $250/month on a one-year subscription. There is no upper limit on the number of documents you can draft!

Do you want to test it out before committing to a subscription? Our regular rate is $25/document. Payment upfront is not required! When your client pays through Intellestate’s portal, we deduct our portion and deposit the remainder right into your firm’s general account.

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I have drafted hundreds of wills and POAs. This technology ensures I can continue to grow my revenue without having to hire more lawyers or legal assistants!

— Talon Regent, BBA, JD