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Talon Regent, our real estate lawyer, has successfully completed hundreds of land title transfers including residential, commercial and agricultural real estate transactions.

Leveraging his experience and his skills with technology, Easy eLaw has developed and integrated cutting-edge software to provide you with excellent service at a great price.

Real Estate Law is what we do.

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Title Transfers
What we do for you

When you retain Easy eLaw, we strive to make your land transfer transaction feel like a breeze. Behind the scenes, we are working hard to make sure title transfers without any errors or complications. Here is just a little bit of what we do:

  1. Connect with Your Team

    We contact your realtor and mortgage company to make sure everyone understands your circumstances.

  2. Review the Conveyancing Documents

    We ensure the paperwork will not create any issues for you or your transaction.

  3. Perform Due Diligence

    We confirm you are protected from undisclosed issues like title fraud, unpaid taxes, liens and more.

  4. Preparing Mortgages (for buyers)

    We coordinate with your broker and review the mortgage company’s instructions to ensure their conditions are met and your interests are protected.

  5. Drafting Documents

    • For Home Sellers We prepare the land title transfer, affidavits of value, Homestead Act compliance documents, tax avoidance documents, a statement of adjustment, and more.
    • For Home Buyers – We prepare the mortgage, credit agreement, cost of borrowing disclosure statement, pre-authorized debit agreement, affidavits, declarations, and more.
  6. Review and Sign with You

    Easy eLaw will do the heavy lifting for you, but we still ensure you understand the paperwork before you sign it. This is a big change in your life and we feel it is important you have confidence in how this change takes effect.

    • Importantly, we can meet with you and sign the documents wherever you are, whether you are on your couch or at the beach. All you need is a printer, smartphone and internet connection!
  7. Closing the Transaction

    • For Home Sellers – We coordinate with the buyer’s lawyer to make sure keys to the house are not released to the buyer until their funds
      are available for the purchase.
    • For Home Buyers – We submit documents to the mortgage company, take the mortgage funds in trust, accept the down
      payment from you, confirm keys are releasable to you, and transfer the purchase price to the seller’s lawyer.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Easy eLaw prioritizes the client experience in all real estate transactions. That includes both high-quality service and affordability.

We are proud to offer unbeatable prices – literally. If you get a better quote from any other law firm in Saskatchewan, we will beat it by 10%. That is Easy eLaw’s Lowest Price Guarantee.

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I have purchased and sold dozens of properties. When I first used Easy eLaw, I was blown away by how knowledgeable and friendly they were. I haven’t used another law firm since.

— Matt